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  • The quoted repower price includes standard installation of the motor, controls, harness and gauge. Any custom panels or custom work may incur an additional charge.
  • If your boat is older or has a spongy transom, we will install transom plates top and bottom at an additional cost of $60.
  • The quoted price is subject to change if Suzuki has a price increase. We will inform of the extra amount owed before you bring your boat if this happens.
  • Please have a plan for your old motor. If you are keeping the motor, please try to remove it before it comes here. We charge an additional $200 to remove a single engine and $350 for twins, this includes derigging of the old controls and gauges from the boat. If we agree on a trade in value or if we are disposing of the motor for you, we will waive this fee. Motors left for longer than 30 days will be disposed of unless prior arrangements are made.
  • If your boat is overly dirty when dropped off, you will be charged to clean the boat before we begin working on it. We will not climb around a filthy boat in order to do a repower.
  • If your battery checks bad, we will replace it with a new battery at your expense. If it is new or newer and may need to be charged, please let us know. Suzuki Requires batteries to be a minimum of 800mca under 150hp and 1000mca over 150hp
  • If your fuel is stale or old your tank will be pumped and you will be charged for the disposal of the old gas, the labor to pump the tank and the new gas. We will not run a new motor on old or stale gas and risk voiding the warranty.
  • If your water separator filter housing is corroded or rusty you will be charged $150 for a new one. If you do not have one, you will be charged $150 for one to be installed. We will replace your current filter as part of the quoted repower price.
  • If your boats fuel lines are bad, they will be replaced at your expense. Lines from the water separator to motor are included in the repower price.
  • Typically, bad wiring will be repaired or replaced at your expense. If you don’t want anything fixed, please let us know and if it doesn’t affect the motor, we will pass it over unless it is a safety hazard. If you need electrical work, we will be happy to give you a quote.
  • If your hydraulic steering needs to be bled or repaired due to a leak if will be fixed at your expense.

Timeframes quoted for repowers do not include major additions to the workorder such as autopilot, depth finders, stereo’s etc. We are happy to do these jobs, and will be glad to quote them, but they may delay the progress.

Doss Marine thanks you for your trust and business. We know you had a choice where to take your boat and we look forward to successfully completing the work in a timely manner.